Monday, October 24, 2016

Eng. 5020

Dr. Zamora

Writing Theory & Practice 

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“Evaluating Future Writers”

Did I get it right? Is one of the questions most students ask when they request someone to review their writings?  When we, the reviewers, review someone's paper " We do not know of any definitive way what constitutes thoughtful commentary or what effect, if any, our comments have on helping our students become more effective writers"  as we evaluate what may be their best work. The first draft definitely needs commenting on because it gives assurance to directions and structure. Without it a student may not be sure if he comprehended the directions correctly. So they rely on comments to “create the motive for doing something different in the next draft" with permission.  It also gives the student a choice of “which of these comments the students choose to use or to ignore when revising" their second draft or final paper.  Encouraged comments are is important   ”Without comments from readers, students assume that their writing has communicated their meaning and perceived no need for revising the substance of their text” and will turn in their paper with anxiety. Not confident of earning a good grade. I agree with Nancy Sommers when she writes " There seems to be among teachers an accepted, albeit unwritten canon for commenting on student texts. This uniform code of commands, requests, and pleadings demonstrates that the teacher holds a license for vagueness while the student is commanded to be specific" regarding their instructions.


Passion is our voice! I agree with Peter Elbow when he writes “Voice is an important dimension of text and we should pay lots of attention to it. Everybody has a real voice and can write with power. Writing with a strong voice is good writing. Sincere writing is good writing. My voice is my true self and my rhetorical power" and I will always write my truth. Part of my truth is "The goal of teaching writing is to develop the self" by increasing my personal growth. Common knowledge is “To learn to speak or write better, we need also to work on being a better person" as we increase our writing skills.  Writing gives me a window to my soul and allows me to express myself. When I write I go on a journey to a peace place in my mind. I speak naturally which is why I think Peter makes a great point when writes “We can now see that a writer must disguise his art and give the impression of speaking naturally and not artificially. Naturalness is persuasive, artificially is the contrary; for our hearers are prejudiced and think we have some design against them" when we are only speaking our truth.

My idea for the group project is for everyone to write about a funny experience they had in college. I suggest that we post it on Facebook or twitter so other students can get a laugh when they are having a bad day. I think it will be great to lift someone's spirit when they are trying to increase their personal growth.

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