Monday, October 24, 2016

Eng. 5020

Dr. Zamora

Writing Theory & Practice 

Blog 3

                                                   "Writing Comments on Students' Paper"

I am not a teacher. I have yet to experience the teachings of writing or having to comment on

student's paper. Although I have experience the feelings of being "apologetic and vulnerable" when

handing in my paper to a teacher to be graded. I totally agree with the students' reactions to their

teachers " necessary short" comments on their papers.


I agree with Bean's when he writes "to improve our techniques for commenting on our students'

papers then, we need to remember our purpose, which is to not point out everything wrong with the

paper but to facilitate improvement" when encouraging students. That purpose is not always

expressed by some educators.  I also agree with his writing regarding "to point out what the writer is

doing well. Positive comments build confidence and make the writer want to try again" which will be

 part of my teaching process. (Bean)

                                                              "Response to Writing"

A tracher's  response is essential to the structure of most students final draft.  Comments that "

suggest ways of making improvements ( Ferris, 2003). Second, they prefer comments that explain

why something is good or bad about their writing" to direct students in a   comfortable direction. (Beach, 1989)

From a students point of view structure and direction encourages creativity. 

To be given a writing assignment without any corrective comments on the first draft from the

educator leaves very little room for improvement and direction . I  agree that some " students often

simply comply with what they perceive their teacher wants them to do in order to obtain a good

grade, although the teacher's suggestions may  not help them improve their writing"  suggesting their

 lack of interest in being a writer. Fortunately peer review assist in correcting some concerns. Without

 the educator's collaborative agreement on the first draft a student may become unsure of their final


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