Monday, October 24, 2016

Eng. 5020
Dr. Zamora
Writing Theory & Practice
Blog 4
“Pass and Future Writing Processes.”
New century progresses to new lessons to learn.  Scholars are weighing in on suggested changes on the teachings of writing.  They have engaged in a " suggestive picture of large- scale changes on the discipline by looking at two volumes published twenty years apart, each designed to introduce novices to alternate ways to teach college writing" attempting to improve student's writing skills. It is totally clear that the “paradigm shift “is increasing the evaluation of the process. Most of the “scholarly bibliography surveys” can improve some students writing. Cultural studies is being promoted by many scholars. Although " most scholars who examine a CCS course ethnographically or narrate such a course of their own go out of their way to say the teachers are careful not to indoctrinate students. Students are "free" to write their papers from any perspective they choose. They have only to make a thoughtful case for their position" to earn passing grade. (Fulkerson)
I am a huge fan of expressionism it "places writers in the center, articulates it's theory, and develops its pedagogical by assigning highest value to the writer and her imaginative,  psychological, social, and spiritual development and how that development influences individual consciousness and social behavior. Expressivist pedagogy employs freewriting, journal keeping, reflective writing, and small group dialogic collaborative response to foster a writer's aesthetic, cognitive, and moral development. Expressivist pedagogy encourages, even insist upon, a sense of writer presence even in research-based writing. This presence-"voice" or ethos whether explicit, implicit, or absent, function as a key evaluation criterion when Expressivist examine writing" I totally agree with Faulkner. Expressionism also engages the passion in the writer allowing them to reflect on their “greater self-awareness greater insight, increased creativity, or therapeutic clarification of some sort" resulting in great writing.
Great writers also need to consider their readers it “compels readers to listen seriously" encouraging them to read more of their writings.
The teachings of writing according to the teacher’s accumulative learnings. Student’s takeaways will be what they are comfortable with and agree will engage their students and freewriting skills. Although teachers will always encourage their process. All learnings has some benefits to some students.

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