Saturday, February 11, 2017

Hope Wilson
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Out of Our Experience: Useful Theory
By Marian M. Mohr, Courtney Roger, Betsy Sanford,
Mary Ann Nocerino, Marion S. MacLean, and Sheila Clawson

                                                    Scholarly Research

Are we progressing or are we focusing on other research? I am inspired to believe that experience is the best teacher. I agree with the statement " As with most teachers-researchers, our theory building emerged from a complex mix of classroom experiences, collegial exchanges, reflective opportunities, and selected reading" that may inspire teaching ethics. When educators conduct research, journal, and collaborate with their colleagues regarding teaching that is considered part of their experiences. It is impressive how educators were influenced by Lawrence Stenhouse (1985). It was written "ideas led us to think about the effects of teacher research on curriculum and professional development. Our classroom observations effected our classroom curriculum. Our yearly research process was like a graduate course; our understandings based on our research were professional development for each other" which may encourage other educators to experience similar processes or research strategies.  Professional and personal development is inevitable when "research groups of critical friends" join groups and discuss their research and data.

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