Monday, November 21, 2016


Eng. 5020

Dr. Zamora

Writing Theory & Practice

Four questions regarding WhyIWrite


1)    How is the length of my presentation? Is it too long or too short? Should I add more slides or take some away? Should I add more words on any slides? If so which ones?

2)    How is the design on my presentation? Is it too colorful or not colorful enough? Do I have too many designs on each slide and will it compliment the group’s selected application?

3)    Does my presentation needs some reorganization? Should my WhyIwrite story be presented first because it is the theme of the project? Where exactly should the answer to the life question be, at the end?

4)    My presentation is on power point. Was it the application to use? If not which one is? How do I transfer my presentation to the required application

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